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How Roland Rolls

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This children’s picture book was written by Jim Carrey, the popular star of film comedies and family classics. Roland is a wave born deep in the ocean. He and fellow wave Shimmer are rolling along until he learns some distressing news: waves end when they reach the beach. To this point the story is one that many young people will identify with: finding a special friend and the fear of being alone.

But this story doesn’t leave things there. It takes a mystical turn as Roland discovers after breaking on the beach that he belongs to something much bigger — the ocean. He is interconnected with all the water at the poles, in the rivers, and the streams and the pools and the sinks. This book, with its rhyming verses and gorgeously creative illustrations by Rob Nason, is for the child and the mystic in you (Some Kind of Garden Media, www.howrolandrolls.com).


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