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An artful calendar

When Gina Seashore, minister of music at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in La Mesa, Calif., proposed a magazine idea to the rest of the worship arts team, it stuck. The idea was simple yet creative, and perfectly suited to the small congregation: create a series of panels, one for each liturgical season, and display them in the worship space.

Since the project began last December, the 4-by-6-foot canvasses stretched over wooden frames have covered the walls of the sanctuary, wrapping around the room in a colorful display.

Members Jennifer Fenner and Cheri Papike took the project under their wings when they began the Advent panel. Drawing inspiration from Isaiah 11:1 (the vine sprouting from the stump of Jesse), they crafted a tree stump and vine out of recycled paper bags.

While Fenner and Papike took lead roles in the design process, the entire congregation participated in creating the panels. Members cut silver and gold stars to cover the white Christmas panel. The Epiphany panel features illustrations drawn by children and colored in by adults. The subtle Lent panel is covered with maps donated by members, dyed varying shades of purple.

“The congregation got really into it,” Papike said. “I hear them walking in and out of church and talking about which panels they were a part of.”

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