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Once Upon a Northern Night

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As a child sleeps warm and cozy in bed, the first snow falls outside and we watch in wonder as the northern winter night unfolds. The stars shimmer in the sky, the pine trees hold out their prickly hands to catch the snowflakes, a mother deer and her fawn leave tracks in the snow, a gray owl swoops down from his perch, a fox watches two hares, and a mouse scampers in the snow to find shelter beneath a bird feeder.

Writer Jean E. Pendziwol crafted a lovely poem filled with beautiful lines, and illustrator Isabelle Arsenault used pencil, gouache, and watercolor and ink to create the little dramas that are played out in the dark. Here is a portrait of the night that conveys the wonders of the natural world (Groundwood Book/House of Anansi Press).


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