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Can a crop duster win the Wings Around the World race his way?

Dusty the crop duster is tired of flying back and forth over cornfields. In this Disney 3D animated feature directed by Klay Hall, he wants to be a racer plane in the Wings Around the World competition. “Maybe, just maybe, I can do more than I was built for,” he tells himself. Luckily, Dusty has the support of a small circle of friends in the farm community, including a fuel truck who serves as his coach, a creative mechanic, and an old Navy Corsair who volunteers to train him.

He qualifies for the race but has a problem: he’s afraid of heights. Can he do the race his way, flying close to the ground?

There are plenty of thrills in this family film, which puts forth collaboration as a value to emulate over winning. It also honors the courage and determination it takes to step into your own dreams and make them happen (Walt Disney Pictures, PG — some mild action, rude humor).


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