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Malaria Campaign passes halfway mark

Jessica Nipp Hacker, diaconal minister who spearheads the ELCA Malaria Campaign, told the assembly of the need to raise $6.3 million more to reach the 2015 goal of $15 million.

The 2009 Churchwide Assembly passed action that empowered 11 "visionary synods" to begin work with companions in Africa to pioneer malaria awareness in the ELCA. Congregations and synods throughout the ELCA have been engaged in the campaign.

The 2011 Churchwide Assembly approved launching the ELCA Malaria Campaign with the $15 million goal. Pilot synods had already raised $1.2 million for malaria programs in Africa, and ELCA members have given an additional $7.5 million since — over the halfway point.

"So many lives are being saved," Hacker told the assembly. "Just a year ago, a child in Africa was dying every 45 seconds of malaria. Thanks to the work of Lutherans and millions of others across the globe, that death rate has slowed dramatically. Now we lose one child a minute. Much progress has been made, but I'm sure we all agree that our work is not complete until no children are dying from malaria."


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