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Reading the Signs of Daily Life

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This is the third book in Henri J.M. Nouwen's posthumous spiritual trilogy after Spiritual Direction (2006) and Spiritual Formation (2010). It has been put together from his coursework, journals and previously unpublished writings. Nouwen defines discernment as "faithful living and listening to God's love and direction so we can fulfill our individual calling and shared mission." Our spiritual growth is facilitated by the ongoing curriculum of the Spirit. Or as German theologian Meister Eckhart once put it: "Expect God evenly in all things."

Nouwen sees Christian communities providing the sacred space and time for this process. He covers the challenges of discerning guidance in books, nature, people and events. He asserts that one of the most exciting aspects of the Christian journey is reading the signs of the times. Finally, Nouwen hits the mark with his commentary on discerning vocation, presence, identity and time (HarperOne).


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