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Still Mine

Still Mine

Here is another splendid movie about the challenges and rewards of conscious aging. Craig and Irene have been married 61 years and live in a rundown farmhouse near the Canadian coastline. When his wife falls down the stairs and evidences signs of dementia, Craig decides to build them a smaller one-story house with views of the bay. At 88, this lifelong carpenter starts the project but soon finds himself embroiled with a by-the-book building inspector who orders him to purchase a permit and then submit plans for the house. More regulations threaten to stop him altogether.

James Cromwell (in photo) gives a tour de force performance as this incredibly energetic and loving man who is willing to do whatever it takes to ease his wife's pain and suffering. Genevieve Bujold is impressive as his wife who struggles bravely with her mental and physical decline. Still Mine offers proof that long-lived individuals can find within themselves the strength, optimism and determination to triumph over whatever life throws their way (Samuel Goldwyn Films, PG-13—some thematic elements, brief sensuality/partial nudity).


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