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What a sweet day

Nazar, the child of political refugees from Turkmenistan, enjoys an ice cream treat after face-painting at the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy's June 19 World Refugee Day party in Moscow.

On June 19, World Refugee Day, the ELCA-supported Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy held a party for 120 children whose families found political refuge in Moscow, leaving behind homes in war-torn Afghanistan, Central Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

The children played outdoor games, watched jugglers, ate lunch, and made arts and crafts. Leaders gave each child a bag of food and a backpack brimming with books, coloring sheets, pencils and other supplies.

Housed at St. Peter and Paul Lutheran Cathedral in Moscow, the ecumenical MPC serves marginalized people. Refugee children "live in poverty, struggle to get enough daily food, face tremendous integration issues and are subjected to racism," said MPC Chaplain Matthew Laferty.

The MPC's food bank helps refugee families get adequate nutrition, he said. "Our mission is to witness to the love of Christ by providing direct assistance and hope."


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