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The Wonder of Aging

A New Approach to Embracing Life After Fifty

The Wonder of Aging

Animated by wonder and optimism, marriage and family counselor Michael Gurian maps the territory ahead for those over 50, spicing up the proceedings with wise words from saints, poets and philosophers. The spirit of aging that is afoot in our culture requires focus, a realistic optimism, forming new communities and growing from adult to elder.

The author outlines the three stages of aging during which older people become keenly aware of the body's weakness and deterioration; begin work on passing on their legacy and savoring the freedom that comes with it; and find the time to become more spiritual as they deal with death and dying.

Gurian does a masterful job in fleshing out the challenges, joys and the freedom in becoming spiritual elders who have wisdom to pass on to the next generation (Atria Books).


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