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Future Weather


Future Weather

We hear and read a lot about youth who are angry and frightened about the ecological disasters that loom on the horizon and threaten their health and well-being. But very few films have dramatized their concern before this well done coming-of-age drama written and directed by Jenny Deller. It centers around the challenges facing Lauduree (Perla Haney-Jardine), a smart 13-year-old who is deeply concerned about the dire straits of the planet and passionate about doing something to save it. When her irresponsible mother abandons her, this fearless teen tries to keep her science project afloat after moving in with her grandmother.

Haney-Jardine puts in a stellar performance as an idealistic and bright teenager who struggles with her options, and in one powerful scene vents her anger about the eco-disaster that everyone else around her is ignoring. Amy Madigan as her feisty grandmother and Lili Taylor as her science teacher are both at the top of their form as convincing characters.

Future Weather gives us a refreshing portrait of a teenage girl whose resilience in the face of change is very inspiring (Virgil Films, not rated).


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