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Holy time with elders

"Stories are sacred," said Jay McDivitt, a pastor of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Thiensville, Wis., after spending 90 minutes recording member Dick Reuter's oral history.

McDivitt (pastorjay@grace53092.org) is hoping to record histories of as many congregation elders as are willing, and has asked other members to join him in doing so. He records them on an mp3 player and makes CDs for the participants (and friends and families who request one).

On his Facebook page McDivitt asked, "Anyone with parents/grandparents whose stories you'd like to have recorded for the next generation(s)? Let me know. It's incredibly holy time."


Bruce Roberts

Bruce Roberts

Posted at 1:21 pm (U.S. Eastern) 8/30/2013

Bravo, Pastor McDivitt,

You are enriching the lives of people who have not even been born yet.


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