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Paying attention

These practical tips may help us change our way of thinking:

• Add the care of creation to the trinity of stewardship emphases. Instead of time, talent and treasure, we consistently and regularly talk about managing well our time, our abilities, our money and our home.

• Refer often to the stewardship of creation in preaching. Preachers call worlds into being with their proclamation of the word.

• Make sure that prayers for the care of the world are included every Sunday, and pray that our thinking and behavior change.

• Hold an educational event for the congregation. Invite people from the community with expertise or who are affected by climate change. Via Skype or conference call, involve individuals from global companion synods who are impacted by climate change.

• Ensure that ample educational opportunities about the various aspects of climate change and the stewardship of creation are included in the annual planning for congregational education and faith formation.

• Decide on something specific and challenge the congregation. For instance, one congregation challenged members to bike to church one Sunday a month during the spring, summer and fall.

• Make a display of the local rhythms of nature and change it often to get people into the habit of paying attention.


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