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Flat Martin takes a vacation

flat martin
"Flat Martin" kept members of Trinity Lutheran Church, Chambersburg, Pa., in touch last summer. He even flew a reconnaissance mission with troops in Afghanistan, shown here with Sgt. Nicole Derk.

Last summer, Trinity Lutheran Church, Chambersburg, Pa., created "Flat Martin (Luther)" to stay in touch with its pastor, Tara Magoon, while she was on sabbatical. Like the children's books about Flat Stanley, a normal boy who is flattened after an unfortunate accident, Flat Martin traveled to places and did things others could not. Members then decided to keep track of one another over the summer by taking Flat Martin on vacation and sending photos to Trinity Lutheran Chambersburg. He went on a mission trip to Haiti, attended the ELCA National Youth Gathering, showed up at softball games and a golf tournament, and went as far away as France, Russia and Finland, traveling by Model A Ford, motorcycle and plane.


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