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Calling all plungers

Montana congregations call middle-schoolers into summer service

ust look for a plunger on the T-shirts and in other publicity. Yes, it works perfectly with middle school humor, said Lindean Barnett Christenson, a pastor of Christ the King Lutheran Church, Bozeman, Mont. This July, for the third year in a row, sixth- through eighth-graders from the congregation she and her husband, Grant, serve will spend five days in service. It’s called “Middle School Service Plunge.”

Also involved is Hope Lutheran Church, which is where the youth director, Paul Goodman, started the plunge. The first year Hope and another ELCA congregation in nearby Livingston participated. When Christenson saw in the newspaper what they were doing, she said, “We want in.” The Livingston church opted out the next year, and Christ the King and the local Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) congregation were in.

Between 25 and 40 young people participate in the service plunge, this year scheduled for July 8-12. They begin the day with worship and an introduction to the day’s theme (using a variety of curricula the leaders have tweaked).

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