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Flashes of envy

It grows out of resentment — there is a begrudging quality to it

Do you ever wonder how to talk about certain difficult subjects? Sure you do. We all do. Nobody struggles to make conversation about the weather or the food on the dinner table. It’s the tough stuff that has us searching for words, and looking for a human sounding board to test out our ideas.

This column series will surface a different topic every month for you to consider. Some of these subjects may be “hot-potato” issues that you find yourself dancing around delicately. Others could be very personal, evoking deep emotion.

Whatever the topic, my goal is to help you think through some creative ways for how to talk about these sometimes volatile or puzzling issues. Being no sage myself, I hope to learn new perspectives along the way for better handling of these issues in my own life.

If I mention the word envy, chances are good that you probably think you are relatively free of its afflictions: “Not me. I really do pretty well enjoying what I have and delighting in others.” Is that the honest truth? It’s hard to say because envy is one of those sins that we are least likely to own up to. Who in their right mind wants to admit they are even remotely mean, ungenerous or small-hearted?

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