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Luther Seminary reduces its faculty, staff

Seminary moves toward financial viability for the future

Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn., will move ahead with 18 fewer staff members and eight fewer faculty members after June. With some open positions remaining unfilled, total staff and faculty decreased from 125 to 95.

The seminary announced March 19 a plan to reduce annual operating expenses by at least $4 million. Tuition will not go up nor will the seminary back off on recruitment, said Rick Foss, interim president.

“We have good people, and many of them are hurting right now. We just had too many good people, more than we could afford. Some things won’t feel good no matter how well you handle them; we’re trying to handle them faithfully and well. I learned as a bishop during the Red River Flood in North Dakota that we all grieve at different rates and heal at different times,” Foss said in an interview.

Luther’s doctoral program will not admit new students for three years. Foss said the faculty is exploring a new model for this program, which will continue to offer high-quality curriculum and will be financially viable for the future. The master of sacred music program, presently on hold, will not accept new students for now.

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