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What can you do to prepare for AD2K?

What is Y2K?

The source of the year 2000 computer problem is deceptively simple. When computer use began, years were identified with only two digits, a practice that has continued until recently. Most of the world's software can't read the year 2000 without fixes. Left uncorrected, such software is unable to process dates after Dec. 31, 1999, and may produce corrupt data or even shut down after that date.

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AD2K do list

* Inform yourself and work with others who are concerned in your church, neighborhood and community.

* Use Y2K to establish a congregational disaster preparedness plan or to strengthen an existing one. Plan how to reach and serve those in need.

* Keep hard-copy records of all financial accounts.

* Stock up a reasonable amount of essentials such as water and food in advance. It's not "hoarding" if done in times of plenty.

* Inventory the "people skills" in your congregation: nurses, electricians, etc.

* Plan how members will stay warm and share resources if serious disruptions occur.

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