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OK to limited contraception

Roman Catholic bishops clarified Feb. 21 that Germany’s church-run hospitals can prescribe the morning-after pill to rape victims. The statement came after two Roman Catholic hospitals in Cologne turned away a rape victim because of concerns about the pill. The woman eventually received treatment from a Protestant church-run hospital. The bishops said rape victims can “receive human, medical, psychological and pastoral help in Catholic hospitals” that “can include prescription of the ‘morning-after pill,’ insofar as it has a preventive and not an abortive effect.” The morning-after pill prevents ovulation or fertilization, but it has no effect on an existing pregnancy.


Robert Buntrock

Robert Buntrock

Posted at 12:33 pm (U.S. Eastern) 4/6/2013

Would that US Catholics (as well as Conservative Chrtistians) be as enlightened.

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