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Malaria Sunday, April 28

ELCA Malaria Campaign leaders are encouraging congregations to observe a World Malaria Sunday April 28 (World Malaria Day is April 25). Two years ago, every 30 seconds a child in Africa died from malaria. "After lots of hard work by people all across the globe, that death rate slowed last year, and we were able to say: 'Every 45 seconds,' " said campaign coordinator Jessica Nipp Hacker. That has now become "every 60 seconds," she said. Alongside those statistics, as of March 4, ELCA members have raised more than $6.5 million toward the goal of $15 million by 2015. To help, send checks (payable to "ELCA Malaria Campaign") to ELCA Malaria Campaign, P.O. Box 71764, Chicago, IL 60694-9300; visit www.elca.org/malaria or call 800-638-3522.


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