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Can't drop Jesus when talking about God

Shrinking church, marriage article & 'My view' draw plenty of criticism

Mixed priorities
Could one who is not a new thinker in the ELCA but merely an old pastor speak a word of caution to our young theologians? Not one of the 14 interviewed for the "Talking about God" article mentioned Jesus. We were warned in seminary before there was an ELCA against reasoning according to the mode of Aristotle rather than according to the mode of Scripture. Martin Luther thought that such speculation would lead to a theology of glory while the theology of the cross was only revealed by God in Christ. As we ask ourselves why our church is shrinking, perhaps much of the answer is here in the fact that Jesus Christ and him crucified is no longer at the center of our thinking.

The Rev. Jeffrey W. Elliott
Cape May, N.J.

New thoughts welcomed
I enjoyed the "Talking about God" article. With some congregations jumping ship and church attendance going downhill, new thoughts in the ELCA are in order. My wife was born and raised in the South and is familiar with the Pentecostal experience. We can use more insights on the Spirit and some charisma in our theology and church services. Sometimes Lutherans are stuffy.

Curt Homstad
Stanley, N.D.

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