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After his incomparable career as a screen and stage star, Dustin Hoffman makes his debut as a film director with this old-fashioned drama set in a retirement home for musicians. It's a thoughtful meditation on aging and the possibilities for the transformation of elders who have open hearts and open minds.

Pauline Collins (left) and Maggie Smith star in Quartet — can the performers patch up their differences in time for the gala concert.

Four residents of the retirement community were opera singers who worked together in the past and share many common memories. Two of them were briefly married until she abandoned him for a more prosperous career on the road. Asked to perform together in the annual celebration of Giuseppe Verdi's birthday, the four have to overcome their fears and disappointments and practice forgiveness to once more engage in the art that has blessed them throughout their lifetimes.

The ending will surprise you and the top-notch performances by Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay, Pauline Collins and Billy Connolly will enchant you (The Weinstein Company, PG-13 — brief strong language, suggestive humor).


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