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Blinded by the light

We must be like Paul

Has there ever been a song that really caught you, a song that said something about your life? Maybe it was a hymn, a love song or the blues. For me, it's Bruce Springsteen's "Blinded by the Light." I think of it whenever I see Caravaggio's painting of Paul on the road to Damascus.

The resurrection of Jesus plays in our lives like an unforgettable soundtrack. Even when budgets become about deficits and dwindling numbers seem the only story, we are left stunned by this refrain: Christ is risen.

We, like Paul, begin to see everything, including our challenges, with new eyes. And as people of the ELCA, we can begin to reclaim our evangelical mission.

Never get over it
When you read Paul's letters in Scripture, you'll notice something: He never gets over being blinded by the light of Jesus' resurrection. Nor should we.

To truly give ourselves to God's mission in the world, we must again (or for the first time) become stunned by Jesus' resurrection from the dead — stunned enough to reclaim our vulnerability and utter dependence on the risen Lord.

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