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Pastor apologizes for prayer

A Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod pastor in Newtown, Conn., apologized after being reprimanded for participating in an interfaith vigil following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Rob Morris, pastor of Christ the King Lutheran Church, prayed at the vigil attended by Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy and President Barack Obama the Sunday following the Dec. 14 shootings. Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Baha'i clergy participated. The LCMS constitution prohibits ministers from taking part in services with members of different faiths. "I believed my participation to be, not an act of joint worship, but an act of community chaplaincy," Morris wrote in his apology letter.


Robert Buntrock

Robert Buntrock

Posted at 9:57 am (U.S. Eastern) 3/7/2013

Pastor Morris, you may have been forced into the need to apologize by the LCMS, but no need to apologize to the rest of us.  I'm trying not to be harsh in criticizing policies of the LCMS like this, but I'm having a difficlut time.

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