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Aid for refugees

Girls line up before starting school in the Zaatari refugee camp (see page 9), located near Mafraq, Jordan. Opened in July 2012, the camp houses more than 50,000 refugees from the civil war inside Syria, and its numbers are growing.

As winter storms worsened conditions for those living in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, the ELCA sent $100,000 to the Lutheran World Federation, which is managing the camp in cooperation with Jordanian authorities. In 2012, the ELCA provided $450,000 for emergency food, hygiene kits, bedding, clothing, care for mothers, training and more. More than half of those at Zaatari are children (see photo below). Continued fighting in Syria has displaced some 2.5 million people. The ELCA and the LWF are working in partnership with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land.


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