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That interesting meal

The feast no money can buy, no person can fully comprehend

If you knew absolutely nothing about the Christian faith and entered a service of worship this Sunday, one element of the experience would almost certainly baffle you. The meal. What the bulletin in your hand labels the "Lord's Supper," "Holy Communion" or the "Eucharistic Meal" is likely to appear to your eyes as nothing more than a strangely cultish something-or-other with very stingy portions.

Where are the helpings? Are these people kidding themselves? Did the chef not show up? All I see are some miniature shot glasses. What does that gigantic cup have in it anyway?

At the outset, you heard the pastor mumble some words about eating and drinking. But is this all there is? The spread you see unfolding bears little resemblance to the pepperoni pizza and root beer you put down in front of the TV last night.

The bulletin says this meal is "holy," but if that is supposed to mean "special," where is the specialness? Your stomach is growling for a succulent meal. No menu is posted. No aroma is evident.

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