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The power of pink

What a mohawk did for a mission congregation

"Mom and Dad, may I have a mohawk? Mitchell Bourget, 9, asked his parents. They told him he couldn't because he wasn't old enough.

Unwilling to accept their answer, Mitchell proceeded to Plan B, enlisting the help of fellow Living Water Lutheran Church member Peter Johnson. A strapping man in his mid-30s with a deep belly laugh and eyes bursting with warmth and wisdom, Johnson was the only other person in Mitchell's world to sport a mohawk. A pink mohawk, to be exact.

Huddled in the corner one Sunday after worship, Mitchell and Johnson began working on how to convince parents who were reluctant to give their son permission for a mohawk. Johnson advised Mitchell that he needed to connect the mohawk to something bigger and more important.

Eventually the conspirators approached the Bourgets with a proposal: If Mitchell could raise $200 for the Barron County Humane Society, would Mom and Dad consent to a mohawk?

The answer was yes, and the following Sunday the fundraising began.

A clipboard congregation
Living Water is all about clipboards. Want something done? Attach the request to a clipboard, make a pitch during the announcements and send it among the worshipers. For the next several Sundays, that's what happened.

Mitchell and Johnson stood before the congregation with a clipboard, offering this pitch: "If 100 of you each give $2 to the Humane Society, this young boy will be able to look in the mirror and behold his first mohawk."

The congregation responded with enthusiasm and two weeks later the clipboard was full and the goal reached.

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