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Measure of hope found all around

Looking for meaning, substance

Nearly all of us are looking for hope these days, given the political, economic and, yes, religious uncertainties of the age. In the realm of issues addressed by this magazine, it can be difficult not to fall into a bit of a funk with "none" now the fastest growing group in religious identification surveys and shrinking interest in denominations and church life in general.

But wait. There is hope and good news. Just take a look at this issue of The Lutheran — or any other over the years. Hope is a recurrent theme throughout the pages, from start to finish, and in none is that element embellished or strained. As the slang goes, it is what it is.

From Peter W. Marty's opening column on passing the peace (page 3) to Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson's closing piece on sharing faith (page 50), hope springs from nearly every page.

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Embracing diversity