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Generation X-ers: 'Harbingers of new evangelism styles'

Lutheran college students from across the country examined a different aspect of "Generation X" each day of the Dec. 28-Jan. 1 Lutheran Student Movement-USA's annual gathering in Costa Mesa, Calif.

On the first day, students focused on the question, "Who do others say Generation X is?" William Mahedy, a counselor from San Diego and co-author of the book A Generation Alone, presented an older generation's view.

Mahedy told participants, "Generation X-ers must be harbingers and creators of new approaches to evangelism." He added that the search for God is alive in this generation.

On the second day a panel discussion focused on "Who we say we are as Generation X." Panel participants said they can promote peace and happiness in a nation confident in Jesus as its provider.

On the third day Laurie Larson Caesar spoke on "Who Generation X is based on Scripture."

"The Bible is a way of getting to know our grandparents of the faith," she said.

Participants left the gathering with a sense of hope from the final day's topic: "Who does Generation X hope and plan to become?"

"I felt energized because everyone there wanted to make a difference and make a change," said Heather Embree, a junior at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks.

LSM hopes to compile and publish the discussions on Generation X.

"There's so much negative stuff written about us that we wanted to produce something positive about ourselves," said Kirsten Boyd, a member of the planning committtee. Boyd, a senior at the University of Colorado- Boulder, was elected LSM president at the gathering.

LSM is an independent pan-Lutheran student organization.


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