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Soul Unfinished

Finding Happiness, Taking Risks, and Trusting God as We Grow Older



Here is a top-drawer examination of some of the challenges and rewards of the last quarter of life by a Christian who has been a college chaplain, a monk and a parish minister. Author Robert Atwell shares the wisdom that has come with spiritual maturity and his yearning to go deeper into his experiences of God.

Atwell sees our "Third Age" as a time of freedom, abundance, many choices, and a renaissance of creativity and wonder. He dismisses boredom as "the great disease of the Western world" and salutes memory as "the matrix of our identity." The author is convinced that recounting the stories of our lives is one of the major pleasures of this period of life. Contentment should be the aim of elders, but for many it isn't. Atwood suggests we feed it with gratitude, joy, the providence of God and the power of prayer (Paraclete Press).


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