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Walking together at Glocal event

With a Nov. 16-17 pilot event at Central City Lutheran Mission in San Bernardino, Calif., ELCA Glocal events went from being informative to transformative, said David Nagler, the mission's pastor. Nagler was used to seeing Glocal events in more affluent communities with large sanctuaries and plenty of workshop space. "But we're located in ... the second poorest city in the U.S. after Detroit, and we work primarily with people who are homeless, undocumented or HIV-positive," he said. "Our Glocal event had meals with people from the streets and featured speakers who are living with AIDS." Because their congregation isn't used to having visitors from other parts of the country or world, "this event was very affirming," Nagler added. To learn more about ELCA Global Mission's Glocal gatherings, visit: www.elca.org/gme.


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