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Ministry, not money

The sisters of Out of Eden never imagined they would reach hundreds of thousands of young people worldwide with their music. But they would have if they'd listened to their mom.

"From the time we were young, our mom told us that God had a plan for our lives," said Andrea Baca. "We started going with our parents and witnessing to the homeless. We discovered our gift of singing and viewed it as an outlet for God to reach people."

In seven years, Out of Eden has sold 800,000 records and toured with dc Talk and Audio Adrenaline.

"What we do is ministry, not money," said Danielle Kimmey, the youngest sister. "We were raised to love God and to tell people about him."

Oldest sister Lisa Kimmey said she values the group's opportunity to cross ethnic and musical boundaries.

"We see a mixture of people every night — age, race and gender," she said. "We don't have the luxury of knowing people's backgrounds or situations, so we always try to provide inspiration and light."


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