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Meet Carol and Mary

Sandwiched between Habakkuk and Haggai, the book of Zephaniah contains sharp contrasts, such as destruction and restoration. Carol and Mary (last names withheld), former clients of Compass Housing Alliance, exemplify the good news of restoration. In their own words, here are their stories:


I slept in a park by myself. It really makes you feel less than a person. You're just out there alone. You just feel so unwanted, and the shame that goes with it.

I was fortunate enough to be able to stay at a Compass women's shelter. I couldn't believe the people at Compass. I thought they were a little bit nutty. They said, "We're gonna help you do this, and we're going to help you help yourself." I hadn't run into people like that before. It was more of a family atmosphere than the atmosphere I had with my own family. 

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