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There's always room with God

Securing shelter, safety, belonging works two ways

There was no place for them in the inn." No place.

There was no place for Mary and Joseph when they went to Bethlehem. Was it because of the crowds or was it because they didn't count for much that they needed to settle for a cattle stall to give birth?

No place for them. Have you had such an experience?

As I write, super storm Sandy is battering the East Coast. I wonder about those searching for safety. Did all those who are homeless find shelter?

Most who read The Lutheran are blessed with a place to call home. But others walk for miles on dusty roads seeking refuge from war, from famine, from the environmental devastation where they live. What is it like to be confronted with the realization that there is no place for me?

Perhaps you have a place to call home, and yet you struggle with not having a place where you belong. You have childhood memories of being teased, bullied, excluded. The constant message has been: you are not acceptable; there is no place for you.

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