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Perhaps one of the most important pieces published by The Lutheran was the historical significance and biblical message given by William Yoder in "Caring for former enemies." Yoder came to my class in world civilization at Lithuania Christian College in Kleipeda, Lithuania, in 2000 and gave an unforgettable lecture on World War II, including the massacre and systemic rape of German women as part of a discussion concerning atrocities that transpired on all sides. He changed the historical discussion and the focus grew to why these women were violated and why this tragedy involving millions would be ignored by historians. Now a new genre of historical investigation of the Eastern European expulsion of Germans has come about, and rightly so. Yet, miraculously, this story concludes with the former enemies assisting aging old foes living at the Carl Blum House. Blessings for this courageous piece on where vanquished and victims set a biblical example of reconciliation.

Albert E. Jabs
Lexington, S.C.

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