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Christmas journey

Las Posadas traditions prompt holiday hospitality

For many families, Christmas is a time for a journey. It could be an airplane trip to see grandparents, or a visit with the neighbors at an open house or party.

The idea of a Christmas journey, however, also provides rich lessons for parents to tap into during the holidays as they expand their children's understanding of the themes of Jesus' birth, said Paul Bailie, pastor of San Lucas Lutheran in Eagle Pass, Texas, a congregation along the U.S./Mexico border.

"When we celebrate only on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, the season becomes more about consumerism and anticipation than a celebration," said Bailie, who also helps lead San Lucas' outreach ministry at a small Lutheran parish, Cristo Rey, in nearby Piedras Negras, Mexico. "But this season is something special. It's not just for two days—it's something we should actually be celebrating all year long."

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