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Listening to God's whisper

I'm sure of one thing: God leads me to make decisions I wouldn't have made. Not long ago, my husband and I moved to Madison, Wis., with some job leads and the strange feeling that it was the place we needed to go.

God was whispering, "Move to Madison. Join that church across town. Form a band with some people there." The miracle is that others heard it too.

In Twelve:12, God chose an unlikely group of people. Our church and musical experiences are different. I'd never played aggressive rock music; others had never written songs about God. We each heard the whisper: "Feed my sheep. Go to places where people don't know about my love, and tell them I love them in a way they'll understand."

Like most aggressive rock music, our songs react to sadness in the world. Instead of reacting with more sadness and hatred, we sing of the joy of a relationship with God. We find purpose in reminding or teaching that freedom and power comes from knowing and loving God, not from hating and destroying. It's the message God gives us, and we must proclaim it.


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