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Small band with a big message

Lost And Found is a small band. We're called a "Christian" band. We don't shun the designation, but we never sought it. Since we're in the soup, we like to address questions we're uniquely situated to answer.

1. Can a band be independent of major record labels in the "Christian Music Industrial Complex"? Less cynically, is there room for independent Christian bands?

The answer is a resounding "yes." We don't do things the conventional way. We don't buy ads in magazines. A label doesn't pay our way on glitzy tours, get our records in stores or arrange for radio interviews.

We just keep traveling — one church a night, one youth gathering a month, one album a year. We focus on a singular message: "God has done for us in Christ what we can't do for ourselves. "We do all we can to preach the gospel, and nothing else. Which makes us wonder ....

2. Can a band in Christian music preach the gospel? Is there freedom within the church to announce the good news? Surprisingly, that's a question we have to try to answer every day. In the abstract, it's disheartening, but it makes for an exciting journey.

3. So can any band be truly interdenominational? Can a band expect to gather in one room members of congregations across the spectrum, from Roman Catholic to Latter Day Saints? It's not only possible but inevitable. It happens by focusing on the central truth that cuts across all denominations: God has spoken a word of love whose name is Jesus. The good news is always good news, no matter the name on the church building.

We know an independent band can have a presence in Christian music, can preach the gospel and can interest folks of every denominational stripe. It's an exciting niche we've found, and we're happy we can continue in this work.


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