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Bega kwa bega

When a load is too heavy for one person, several people will stand shoulder-to-shoulder (bega kwa bega) to carry it

The spiritual depth of Tanzanian Lutherans injects a new sense of mission into the ELCA Northern Great Lakes Synod. Its just-retired bishop, Dale Skogman, has said the real dynamo that drove the synod's mission was its companion synod relationship with the Eastern and Coastal Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

"Bishop Skogman often says the spiritual depth of the Tanzanians confronts us, and we have to confess we need this partnership. They're a blessing and have gifts to give us," says Robert Langseth, pastor of Faith Lutheran Church, Calumet, Mich.

In one of their visits to the Tanzanian diocese, Langseth and his wife, Deloris, studied evangelism outreach in 1992. "We learned a lot about evangelism from them," Langseth says. "[Bishop Elinaza] Sendoro arranged for us to meet with 30 congregations, 800 elders, 500 choir members and 300 to 500 women of the church." Since the companion synod relationship began in 1990, the partnership has grown with several visits and many activities between the two countries.

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