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A tree for Wittenberg

As the 500th anniversary of the Reformation approaches in 2017, the ELCA Wittenberg Center launched a $50,000 fundraising effort to support its scholarships and study opportunities in the birthplace of the movement — Wittenberg, Germany.

"Through this we're bringing participants from the Global South to encounter not just the historic Luther, but contemporary Lutherans from around the world," said center director Arden Haug.

The first 500 contributors of $100 or more will receive a print by landscape artist Tom Maakestad, titled "The Wittenberg Apple Tree."

The limited edition prints feature words from Martin Luther: "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces I would still plant my apple tree."

Send gifts (write "Wittenberg Center" on the memo line) to: ELCA, 39330 Treasury Center, Chicago, IL 60694-9300.


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