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'2 kingdoms' responses fill mailbox

Others see problems with criminal justice, Vatican II, editor articles

Darrell H. Jodock's article "Lutherans & politics" (October, page 20) was excellent. The emphasis on the ethic of love of one's neighbor was especially helpful, including applying this theology to our civic life today. My concern is that most Christians practice this ethic on one level but not necessarily on another. Many enthusiastically support local ministries such as food banks and disaster relief. Yet when it comes to influencing government policies on the state and national levels, being our brother's keeper often no longer applies. Some will react like a bull seeing red to phrases such as helping "those without medical insurance" and "that vast inequities of wealth aren't pleasing to God." Maybe small-group, congregational forums on ELCA  social statements can help, but only for those who are truly open to dialogue.

The Rev. Alan J. Watt
New Braunfels, Texas

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