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Two seminaries share field education

The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg (Pa.) and the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia decided to jointly administer key aspects of their field education programs.

In a joint statement, LTSP President Philip Krey and LTSG President Michael Cooper-White said the move enhances students' formation and introduces cost-saving efficiencies.

"Bringing under one umbrella the vast network of congregations and clinical settings where our students are mentored in the pastoral arts and practical engagement expands their access to some of the churchs' finest ministry practitioners," the statement said. "In our own era as seminarians, the two schools worked together in these areas. Renewing that proven pattern for today's students brings us a special measure of satisfaction."

Richard Carlson, LTSG professor of biblical studies, will direct parish internship placement and oversight for both schools. And Leonard Hummel, LTSG professor of pastoral theology, will coordinate all clinical pastoral education programs.

Charles Leonard will continue serving as LSTP's director of contextual education and will expand his teaching and mentoring work.


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