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A community calling

From Concordia College to medical school, thanks to her church and the ELCA

Adivinely orchestrated concert of givers made education possible for one young Lutheran from Cameroon. Through their generosity, Nathalie Fida Lassang is studying medicine.

The future doctor received a full ELCA international scholarship to attend the Ross University School of Medicine on Dominica, a Caribbean island. The only condition: she must return to work in her community of Ngoundéré, Cameroon.

Fida Lassang didn't think twice. Time and time again she has witnessed God working through people, carrying her toward her calling.

Medical needs

In Ngoundéré, contracting malaria, typhoid or cholera is a regular occurrence. As a result, Fida Lassang and her family members spent a lot of time at the hospital built by ELCA missionaries.

She remembers two instances where her mother was miraculously healed: after childbirth complications and when she pricked herself with a needle from an HIV-positive patient while studying nursing (she didn't test positive).

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