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Consider goal of stewardship

Another look at Matthew 6:21

Consider the Webster's Third New International Dictionary (unabridged) definition of stewardship: the individual's responsibility esp. in certain religious groups for sharing systematically and proportionately his time, talent and material possessions in the service of God and for the benefit of all mankind.

Not bad. There's plenty of material to help those charged with leading stewardship efforts. Start at the ELCA's stewardship page or go to The Lutheran website and search for the word stewardship. Take your pick from 288 articles.

My favorite is the November 2006 cover story byMark Allan Powell of Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio. It builds on Matthew 6:21: "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Powell argues that where you put your treasure is where your heart will go. "We can decide what sort of people we would like to be and then give generously of our treasure ... to those things that will change us within," he says.

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