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Cows, the new poinsettia

christmas treeLike other cogregations, Peace Lutheran in Charlotte, Mich., has traditionally decked the sanctuary with poinsettias every December. But last year, the worship team asked members to instead give the $10 they would have spent on a poinsettia toward a cow from the ELCA Good Gifts catalog.

They moved a lonely Norfolk Pine front and center and tied festive hand-lettered dedication cards to the tree. The $870 was enough for a cow, alpaca, goat, sheep and duck.

"And now we don't have to throw away those poinsettias that died when we forgot to water them at home," said member Barb Myckowiak.


Keith Gatling

Keith Gatling

Posted at 10:19 am (U.S. Eastern) 10/10/2012

I love this idea, but not as an "instead of," rather as a case of "both/and."

We keep hearing from our pastors about how the amount of money we spend on X, Y, or Z fun or pretty thing is frivolous, and money that could've been better spent on the poor; yet we seem to forget the people who make their livings selling X, Y, and Z. What would happen to them if we stopped being so "frivolous?"

So instead, I'm going to suggest this to my church as an option for people who don't care about the plants anyway. This way we can provide both for the people who sell the flowers and those who need the cow.

Julie B. Sevig

Julie B. Sevig

Posted at 10:20 am (U.S. Eastern) 10/15/2012

Good point and great idea to do both, Keith!

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