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It takes water to drown the old Adam

Luther's baptismal site is a new Center for Baptism

Seriously and determinedly the girl steps into the baptismal pool at Sts. Peter and Paul in Eisleben, Germany — the church where Martin Luther was baptized more than 500 years ago. The pink dress she picked to wear billows up in the water. She keeps walking anyway, all the way down until the water reaches her waist. It's Sunday, June 24: baptismal day for Saskia Trumpf-Pollock, 4, and her brother, Tristan, 2.

Saskia herself chose the 7-foot wide and 2-feet deep immersion pool over the more traditional baptismal font. 

Baptisms at the traditional font, with remains from the one in which Luther was baptized (see page 37), or the immersion font are part of the Evangelical Church in Central Germany's new Center for Baptism, which opened at Sts. Peter and Paul April 29.

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