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Time to stretch our knowledge

Three articles and a data crunch

October pulls us completely out of summer vacation mode and back into the more serious issues of the day. This month's edition certainly does that, and we're also providing an insight into what is likely impacting our church.

The heart of our article lineup offers some heady stuff. Starting with "Lutherans and the Second Vatican Council," William G. Rusch takes us back to the epic gathering that changed the face of modern Roman Catholicism and Lutherans' relations with that church. Then Kurt K. Hendel and Vítor Westhelle walk us through the theology of the cross (page 18), the "very heart of (Martin) Luther's identity as a theologian and believer." Finally, Darrell H. Jodock spells out Luther's "two kingdoms" (page 20): what it is—how God influences the world through the good news and governance; and what it is not—separation of church and state.

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