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Into our ears

Luther pushed for oral experience of word of God in worship

If you worship in a Lutheran church, you can expect someone to read Scripture during the service. Count on it. It's going to happen. Somewhere during the first half hour or so a man, woman or child will stand up, walk over to a podium and read some ancient words.

Those words may be printed in a book that's so heavy the altar guild hasn't touched it in years. Or they may come from an unfolded piece of paper, freshly warmed from the reader's pocket. Just don't expect a scroll. Christians let go of those before you were born.

Week in and week out, Christians tie their lives to the testimony of some long-ago-people who felt the pulse of God beating in their hearts. Just when we're ready to dismiss those ancients as irrelevant to our lives, a lightbulb often goes on in our heads. (The Spirit doesn't just use wind, fire and breath, by the way. Lightbulbs are in there too.) 

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