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Lutheran women will gather Aug. 6-8 in Indianapolis for the first ELCA Women's Leadership Roundtable, "Lift Our Voice." The event will celebrate 30 years of women's ordination and will honor leadership contributions of Lutheran women. Test your knowledge of women leaders:

1. So many congregations were founded due to the work of the Women's Home and Foreign Missionary Society (below) in the 1800s that it became known as ...?

2. Who edited the first "Women's Department" of The Lutheran Standard and served among all men on the Board of Foreign Missions of the American Lutheran Church? Who is the first woman to serve as managing editor of The Lutheran?

3. Many women serve the church as deaconesses. Currently the community is based in which state?

4. Who was the ELCA's first vice president?

5. A writer, minister and peace activist, this well-known Lutheran woman was named 1973 Mother of the Year.

6. Who were the first women ordained in the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches, the ALC and the Lutheran Church in America?

7. How many women bishops serve in the ELCA? The Caribbean Synod elected the ELCA's first woman of color as bishop this year. She is ...?


1. The Women's Synod.

2. Katherine Lehmann; Sonia Solomonson.

3. (Gladwyne) Pennsylvania.

4. Chris Grumm.

5. Ruth Youngdahl Nelson.

6. Janith Otte-Murphy, Barbara Louise Andrews and Elizabeth Platz.

7. Five; Margarita Martinez.


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