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Neb. congregation offers stand-alone family faith activities

Helping parents become ‘faith mentors’

"With so many things going on, parents need help talking to their kids about faith," said Faye Koehn, director of children and family ministry at Southwood Lutheran Church, Lincoln, Neb., and an associate in ministry.

Michael Ryan, a pastor of Southwood
Michael Ryan, a pastor of Southwood Lutheran Church, Lincoln, Neb., uses a puppet to talk with Kaleb Bolte; his grandmother, Susan Fisher; and Amy Reiss about prayer.

Koehn said the congregation has adapted and added to Rich Melheim's Faith Inkubators "Stepping Stones" program "to help parents become their children's faith mentors."

This past summer, for example, the congregation offered one-time sessions for parents and 3-year-olds (family devotions), 4- to 5-year-olds (the church), second-graders (the Ten Commandments) and fourth-graders (money matters). "Provide child care for the other siblings," Koehn advises.


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