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Releasing a child of God

Praying you've done enough

My daughter left home this fall to attend Furman University in Greenville, S.C. I read many moons ago that to get a child to actually internalize something, you have to say it 1,000 times. You need to tell her 1,000 times to use a napkin and not her sleeve, to pick her underwear up off the floor, and to make her bed every morning. If you don't get to 1,000, the habit may not stick.

Before our daughter left for college, my husband and I tried to fill her head with all the parental advice that we could, hoping to hit 1,000 on the major items.

Sure, we have worried about her cleanliness and her manners. We have worried about her saying "thank you" and looking adults directly in the eye. We have worried about her kindness to her siblings and her study habits.

But what about her relationship with God? Have we focused as much on her faith as we have on her daily habits?

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